Company Overview

Founded in 1953 by Mr. Weldon Smith, Red River is a third-generation family-owned and operated business. For over sixty years, we have been a pioneer and leader in the service contract and solid waste management industries.

Our experience and longevity has allowed us to meet the high demands of a competitive industry and continue to offer superior, flexible services to our customers.

In addition to our strong corporate culture and stability, our current management and operating personnel have been actively engaged in the solid waste management industry since the late 1960’s. This knowledge and experience gives us and our customers the reassurance that we have the depth, background and tenacity for successful contract performance. We were there yesterday, we’re here today and we’ll be there tomorrow.

Currently, Waste Age ranks Red River as one of the top 50 waste management companies in the United States.

A driving force at Red River has always been to build a business that can easily adjust to change. We work with cities, towns, counties and the people who live in them — communities, in a word — and communities are always in flux.

Responding to these fluctuations is a crucial part of our role as waste management service providers, and by valuing and prioritizing our flexibility we have proudly fulfilled this duty for over 60 years.

In essence, your community is our community, too. We're honored to share it.

Company Summary
Red River Waste Solutions
Number of Employees
(877) 733-7483
4004 U.S. 290
Dripping Springs, TX